Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Register Now

Aloha Laie Family,

Please post a comment if you would like to register yourself, your family, or your team for one of the tournaments. Once you post your name, # in party, # of t-shirts, and [YOU MUST] post what you're bringing for Saturday pot-luck, your registration can be confirmed at LAIE DAYZ on Fri. July 16, 2010 with payment!

If you shame, email me at msjnuga@gmail.com or call me at 801-607-5747. Please no haterz or pranks! Grow up!!!

Mahalo Plenty,

Faga Nuga


  1. Faga Nuga
    1 in party
    1 shirt- you know what size
    will email my pot-luck donation.

    Oh hea we goooo! Mahaloz for everydings!

  2. I would like to register our Tanoa'i aiga, 6 shirts will email the sizes (cause I need X-tra small??) and I will also email my potluck donation as well to Faga!! Can't wait, gettin together with my ladies to work on our talent! Bring yo "A" game all, GO BIG, OR GO HOME!!!

    Thanks so much LaieDayz Committee!!